Lease Renegotiation

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Many tenants think that they are better off negotiating their own lease without our help, that the landlord is their friend and that's why he will give them a "good deal". They think that if they bring in a broker the landlord will be unhappy with them, no longer be their friend and give them a bad deal. But that's exactly what the landlord wants them to think.


The only way a tenant will get a good deal is if the landlord believes that his tenant will move out of his building if he doesn't give them a good deal. The only two things the landlord cares about are telling his banker how much rent he got a tenant to pay and getting more tenants.

Let us do it for you.

  • We know the market.
  • Our presence indicates the threat to move out.
  • The landlord needs to maintain a good working relationship with us because he wants us to bring him more tenants.
  • We know all the tricks landlords use to get more money from tenants.
  • Using an intermediary properly is a far more powerful negotiating strategy than a principal negotiating directly with principal.
  • The landlord will pay us, thank us and ask us to do it again.
  • And say Please!



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