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Where in the world is
Silicon Alley?

(Click to see Google Fusion Table showing the location of over 2000 Silicon Alley Companies.)

Office Leasing in New York City is our core business.

We provide professional services and expertise to the very smallest Digital Media Startups as well as the very largest fortune 500's. Our clients best interests are always our first priority.

We take a systematic, team approach that emphasizes communication, thoroughness and attention to detail.

The following 5 principles guide our process:

  • Assessment - We will understand your needs as it relates to your current business and future plans.
  • Research - We will uncover every possible opportunity.
  • Communication - The leasing team will use our proprietary technology to ensure that timely, relevant information is available to the clients.
  • Evaluation - The alternatives will be thoroughly qualitatively and quantitatively evaluated to provide an apples to apples comparison.
  • Negotiation - We will aggressively and professionally achieve the best transaction for our client.

These principles have allowed us to successfully represent many 100's of tenants representing millions of square feet of office space.





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